Getting Started with Box City

The Scale of the Buildings

The grid that has been available from CUBE in the past has been replaced by a graphic in your copy of Box City.  See page 120 (or on either side of that page depending on the printing date of your curriculum.)

The dashed line on that page is equal to one lot when blown up to 1/8” scale, the scale that city planners and architects use for one lot.  It is approximately 60 ft.There is other scale information on that page.  Great for math problems!  There are 4 lots on a street.  The alleys are 16’ and the street is 40’.  You will find more information on scale on p 21 and 22 and on page 43, Base Model Plan.

The Grid and possible ways to do it is discussed in detail p. 19,20,21 in the curriculum.

kirk gastinger