Please Support Cube

We have been pretty low key around here about asking for support. So, here is our simple request. if you have seen or felt the benefit of Cube in your school or community, help us keep Cube moving ahead. If you are working with a group or institution that is implementing and sharing the value of designing and respecting quality built environments, Cube can use your help. 

Since launching our new website in February, Cube has shared the Box City and Walk Around the Block curricula with more planners, teachers and designers around the world; an increase of almost 20% in 5 weeks compared to the past three years!

Although the curricula are offered for no charge, the time tested tools took many years of development to create. Professional teachers, planners, architects and writers collaborated to build up the rich tools offered to the public. 

With additional support, Cube will be launching new and updated lesson plans, research and communications that will benefit you. 

Any amount is helpful; the curricula used to be offered for $45, but now it is offered for no charge. It is surprising how efficient we are around here! Thanks in advance for your contribution. 

Kirk Gastinger, ED and Ginny Graves, Founder

kirk gastinger