Cube is the 'go to' resource for built environment education.

The Center specializes in community-based education bringing educators, students and community partners together for positive change. The award-winning Walk Around the Block and Box City activity tools provide appropriate community outreach projects which reinforce the curriculum in relevant ways. Cube is about intentional design, making a difference in our built environment and community-building! Facilitators can adapt the curriculum for any grade level, any site and from a few hours to a full semester.


Box City


This award-winning and field-proven teaching tool has been tested and implemented for more than 45 years. The full curriculum is available simply by asking.


Our Mission

The Center for Understanding the Built Environment (Cube) brings together educators with community partners to effect change which will lead to a quality built and natural environment, one and interdependent. This means cities which work for adults and children; buildings and spaces which are healthy and aesthetically pleasing; streetscapes and landscapes which reach to the future while celebrating the past.

The ultimate goal of Cube is not simply to enable students to learn to value the built environment, nor is it just to improve their problem-solving and social skills. The central role of the Cube educational model is Responsible Action.

The Center for Understanding the Built Environment provides educational resources to teach children and adults about the value of engaged citizenry. The built environment [everything that is not nature] influences, affects, inspires, controls, allows us, in our every activity to be a participant or a subject.


Our Impact

The role of teaching does not just reside with the wonderful teachers that have employed Cube tools over the years. Planners, architects, government agencies & artists have all played an important part in the history of Cube. Integrated learning about community design is unique in built environment education. We all benefit from facilitating awareness of each citizen's ability to improve our neighborhoods



Million dollars raised

More than raising money, Cube is about raising awareness


Years serving communities

Cube has shared its teaching tools with teachers on every  continent around the world


Million students reached

Teaching teachers to teach students, Cube continues making a difference